Sarah & Riley's Wedding

If you remember from their Engagement Session blog post, these two met at church even though they went to different churches at the time. God truly brought these two together and they have one of the cutest proposal stories ever! If you haven't heard it yet, you definitely have to check it out on their e-session blog post after reading this or before reading this, or whenever, but their proposal story is seriously so awesome!

These two got married at Berkeley Country Club in El Cerrito, California and their wedding had an elegant yet vintage vibe to it. It was truly a romantic day from a beautiful back-lit ceremony to an epic first dance, it felt as if it were a fairy tale dream in real life. Here is the visual tale of their wedding day...

The Details

Sarah got her gorgeous Allure Bridal wedding dress at Gesinee's Bridal. Her dress featured tiered sheer chiffon stripes along the intricate lace with beautiful fabric button work down the back and a ribbon sash around the waist. All the amazing floral arrangements throughout her wedding were created by Peonies and Pink Floral Design.

Getting Ready


It was so special to have her sister, who was also her matron of honor, and her mom help her get ready. As they buttoned up her wedding dress, latched her jewelry, and attached her veil the excitement grew and bubbled in the bridal prep room.

As a tradition, Sarah's dad would go dress shopping with her for all the major life events, such as school dances. He helped her shop for her wedding dress and on her wedding day, he put her shoes on as he helped prepare to walk down the aisle and give his little girl away to be joined to her husband.


It turns out that our groom is an expert tie man when it comes to fancy knots so he became the official tie helper to all the groomsmen...aaand his dad. ;) Riley's suit was a black three-piece suit, with a two buttoned, single breasted jacket. Riley and his groomsmen bought their handsome attire at Men's Warehouse and I think they liked the way they looked!


After all the bridal prep was done, Sarah's mom, soon to be mother-in-law, sister (who was her matron of honor), and eight bridesmaids gathered around her to pray over her as she was about to begin on this journey, this beautiful and blessed new season in life of becoming one flesh with Riley in marriage.

2018KrystalCraven_Wedding_0075 .jpg

The Partial First Look

Instead of doing a full First Look where they would see one another before the ceremony, Sarah and Riley decided to do a Partial First Look where they got to talk to one another and exchange letters, but didn't see each other. This saved seeing one another for the altar but they still got a little intimate moment to exchange letters before the ceremony. 

2018KrystalCraven_Wedding_0140 .jpg

The Ceremony

Their ceremony was in a hall of Berkeley Country Club that had a window wall overlooking the city of San Francisco. Right in front of the window the altar was set up and straight back were the double french doors that opened up to the aisle with rows of chairs lined on either side of it to the walls. They were married by Pastor Chris Oliveri from Clayton Valley Church and it was a beautiful ceremony complete with a unity sand ceremony that included a monogrammed hour glass to symbolize their oneness in marriage from this time forward.

2018KrystalCraven_Wedding_0157 .jpg

Slight Delay...

Riley got a bloody nose before the ceremony.







Posed Portrait Fun

We were graced with some rain on their wedding day so we did the wedding party and family portraits indoors. Their wedding party was made up of 9 bridesmaids + 9 groomsmen + 2 flower girls + 1 ring bearer = 21 people + Sarah & Riley...yep, there were 23 fun and awesome individuals in this wedding party, folks! As you can see, they all knew how to ham it up and turn up the fun factor with ease. :)

We were able to sneak out with umbrellas in between rain bursts when there was some lighter drizzle to grab bride and groom portraits too!




We got to sneak out when there was a break in the rain, but there was still a bit of a breeze which was a liiiittle tricky to work around. Luckily, Riley is not only a tie master, he is a master and holding veils in place too! ;)

2018KrystalCraven_Wedding_0320 .jpg


the wind!!!! :O

The Reception

Their reception was in a banquet hall just next to the ceremony hall. The tables were beautifully decorated with crisp, white linens and hints of their peach, burgundy, and green wedding colors through the floral and candle centerpieces. With the daylight beaming through the windows, the light filled the room with a joyous glow.

- introducing mr. & mrs. morris! -

- the first dance -

Their first dance was absolutely EPIC and was like watching a live musical performance in theater! I kid you not, I thought this was rehearsed and they forgot to tell me they were doing a first dance performance. As it turns out, these two are just incredible dancers and the love and romance sparking between them made their first dance ah-mazing!

- the toasts -

Riley's best man, Sarah's matron of honor, and Sarah's dad gave toasts filled with sweet and funny memories and kind words to the bride and groom. Riley also spoke a special heartfelt thanks to their guests for joining them on their wedding day.

- father daughter dance -

- mother son dance -

- anniversary dance -

Terry Newberry of Magic Entertainment, was an excellent DJ/MC and played a little game called the Anniversary Dance. All the married couples started out on the dance floor and slowly, starting with those who had only been married for less than a day (haha!), had to leave the dance floor. Finally, we were left with the longest married couple on the dance floor. It was such a fun game and great way to get the guests up and on the dance floor!

- open dance -

- the cake cutting -

Sarah & Riley's wedding cake was a gorgeous 4 tiered cake created by Epicurean Delights. Truly every piece of this cake was crafted to perfection and met their wedding decor seamlessly.

- the bouquet & garter toss -

- dance like nobody's watching -

A special thank you to Malene Hunt, a family friend who has since retired from being a wedding planner, but who helped make Sarah & Riley's wedding day go smoothly! :)

Congratulations, Sarah & Riley!!!


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