Behind the Toddler Town!

If anyone has ever tried their luck at photographing their toddlers, they know just how fun yet challenging it can be. Let's set the stage for this photo shoot, shall we?...

It was hours before my youngest daughter's naptime and both my girls had eaten recently. So naturally I thought would be the perfect time to do a studio portrait session. (It is these moments that I usually hear, "You know you're a photographer when..." in my head) So I set up my studio, got the girls dressed and ready, and so it began. 

As soon as I got my camera out, my youngest got her game face on and got in character...of a ham that is. :) I told her to hug her sister and she was VERY dramatic! I told her that I wanted to take some pictures of my big girls...aaaand so she threw her hands up and showed me just how big she is. After several minutes of talking her through sitting with big sis and looking at me, she finally settled in and I captured this...

I decided to try to get some of my youngest first, since her attention span is oh so short and as cute as she is, she started to get a little squirmy quick.

So I had her go play awhile and get those wiggles out while I got some shots of my eldest, which of course since she has had 7 years of being obsessively photographed by yours truly, she modeled it up for me as we joked around!

 I brought back my youngest to try to get some shots of her alone again and she decided to play some hard ball. First, she decided to lay on the floor. 

Then she gave me the "You've got to be kidding me" looks. 

Followed by the "Ok, I'll humor you" smile.

And when I pulled out some big guns and told her I would give her popcorn, she gave me the cutest smile as if Mommy had played into her plan all along. Haha!

Well, since I am a woman of my word, I got out the popcorn! Daddy helped her while I kept shooting of course ;) 

When I do child sessions, I often like to include items that mean a lot to the kids, and for my daughter that is her monkey. We all know how toddlers can flip a switch from happy to screaming in a matter of half a second, so when I photograph them I tend to let them lead, and dare I say...let them be in charge of the session. So in this case when I asked her if we could take pictures with her monkey, she decided she wanted me to get out my huge basket for her and monkey to sit in. After she got in the basket, she quickly became aware that the popcorn felt funny on her tongue, so naturally that required spitting it out! If you give a mouse a cookie...

When she wouldn't give her monkey a hug and smile, I asked Daddy to help...Which was the BEST THING EVER!!! I guess being a ham runs in the family...

Yes, that is my grown husband being a goofball for the sake of getting good pictures of our girls! I love him! 

As you can see, the comical theatrics of my husband was inspiring! I had gotten the shots I wanted and my silly girls were ready to call our session a wrap! 

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