Senior Session...of the Epic Variety!

I want pictures with my Xbox. I want a picture with me laying in a field with my Xbox, like that scene in Lion King.”
— Chase

This was the first thing Chase told me when we met to do his senior session. His mom had contacted me about his senior session and let me know that he would be bringing his Xbox as a prop since he was a gamer. I always encourage my senior clients to bring items that are meaningful to them that we can use during the session and I was very happy that this senior knew what he wanted. What I didn't know yet was that this was going to be one of the most fun and epic senior sessions I have ever done! 

Later at the proof session, he and his dad had a proposition for me to create some epic composite shots...but we'll save that for the end. (don't skip ahead though, it will be worth the wait!)

We started out with some relaxed shots so I could get some photos that I knew his parents would be happy with.

But then we let the Xbox join the action a little. At first he had it sitting in his lap and it was a bit awkward, so I told him that since he loves it so much he should give it a hug and show it some love.

We moved over to a new spot and changed it up a bit by adding his cap and gown...but that Xbox kept feeling lonely and was ending up back in the photos.  

For the sake of a smooth transition and ease moving from one spot to the next at a location, I try to get different outfit changes and looks from each spot. So next we had him retire the cap and gown and kept this fun and funny session going. I also made sure to capture some more photos that his family would appreciate and want to hang on the wall at home too.

But really, when you have a guy who loves his Xbox as much as Chase, you have to include it like it's another person to be shot in the session! :) 

After awhile of snapping away, people tend to get that stuck smile face. You know, where the smile is stuck on their face but it's not a real smile at all and it actually kinda looks like the person is constipated? 

Sooo...I told him to look at his Xbox with all the loving affection he has for it....and it worked because he lit up like a child on Christmas morning!

We once again moved to a new spot to shake it up a bit and get some fresh jokes going...I know I'm not the greatest comedian so I'm pretty sure it's more of me making a fool of myself that get's people laughing.... at me more than at my jokes. 

We were on a little role with the Xbox so we went straight into photos with it again at the new spot.

Remember what Chase specifically asked for? 

I want a picture with me laying in a field with my Xbox, like that scene in Lion King.
— Chase


Well, the time came to capture his vision of him with his Xbox Lion King style, so we took advantage of the long grass all around and I told him to pretend he was stargazing with his beloved Xbox...but honestly, who can keep a straight face in a situation like this???

Nonetheless, we were successful in bringing to life his vision of Xbox meets Lion King stargazing scene to life and capturing one of his favorites from the session!

Now, there were a couple of shots that when Chase and his dad saw them during the proof session they asked me to create specific composite masterpieces. Aaaand me, totally willing to do what I can to make not only the session experience unique and awesome but also the photos they end up with, agreed to create composites matching their description.

This first one features Chase holding his Xbox in a strong, iconic way and they wanted to have an American flag waiving behind him with fighter jets streaming by in formation. 

The second one features Chase holding up his Xbox in victory as if he stormed through battle to rescue it. His dad showed me a picture of the Platoon movie poster as inspiration and what it reminded him of. Here is the movie poster of Platoon for those of you who may have no idea what I'm talking about (don't feel bad if you don't, I didn't either)...

       Image from

       Image from


Now because of copyright issues, I was not able to use the actual Platoon poster to create the composite from, but I did use it to inspire me to create a similar feel for Chase's composite photo.

So without further ado, I give you.....



Chase's Epic Senior Portrait Composites...


Chase and his family are super happy with the photos and my goal of creating a fun and unique session experience and providing quality photos that my clients can hang on their walls and enjoy for years to come was accomplished once again!

That my friends, is a wrap!

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