Oh The Places You'll Go Baby Boy!

A couple months ago, this little guy's mama was Showered with Love in a unique way at her baby shower. Now, he got his debut photo shoot!

When I first came over, I found him sound asleep swaddled on the couch so comfy cozy like...

I almost didn't want to wake him, but I gently got him settled in the basket. He was a little wide eyed for a bit, and seemingly not too thrilled with the process, haha!

Aaand he eventually got cozy in the basket and fell asleep.

When it came time to adjust for a new pose, he suddenly realized he was hungry. We definitely didn't want any hangry fusses, so mama filled his tummy! Of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some snuggle shots in too!

We decided to dress him in his birthday suit for some shots. And of course include a bat and ball for this sports lovin' family!

And then switched gears to end with a little light reading... ;)

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