A Science Project Gone Wrong

When I did this science project with my oldest daughter I really didn't expect this to happen! We were going to do a salt crystallization project and we followed the directions perfectly.  We added the right ratio of salt to water, we hung the string the right length into the salt water, we placed it on the kitchen window sill undisturbed and made sure to wait the required number of days before checking it.


But we really couldn't have accounted for this result from our science project and were very surprised at what we saw when we came to check on our salt crystals...





(Pause for effect)... haha...





Somehow this little insect ended up inside our salt bath where we were growing salt crystals and became beautifully preserved in the salt crystals.

I really do hope this insect didn't suffer and I'm going to choose to think that it must have been flying over our cup and suddenly dropped dead into the salt water mixture and kinda got embalmed in it.

It really made for interesting observation that both my girls were very fascinated in though! There is so much detail in those tiny little wings and it is cool that we can observe God's handy work through His creation! 


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