Showered With Love Around The World!

When planning for a tiny addition to the family, it's such a beautiful and sweet tradition to shower the mama with gifts and celebrate the soon coming bundle of joy! This baby shower had so many unique elements to it that I had never seen at a shower before and I was honored to be able to capture it!

The theme was surrounding world missions and the Great Commission given from Jesus to go into all the world and make disciples. The food arrangements displayed foods from different countries.

Every detail was so thoughtfully created and displayed and it really made the entire space come together with the world missions theme!

The hostess had some great games planned as well as allowing guests to participate in a ministry called Sole Hope that helps men and women from Uganda make a profit by making shoes for children there in Uganda to prevent jiggers from burrowing into their feet. Jiggers are a parasite that can cripple a child and having the denim shoe barrier prevents getting them. The guests were able to cut out templates that were then mailed to the organization after the baby shower to contribute to the ministry efforts in Uganda.

The shower concluded with showering mama with prayer over her, baby, and their family.

The guest book was a piece of art in the making with the thumb prints and little notes from all the guests! Each guest also got a keychain which was made with the intention of being a remembrance to pray for mama and baby boy!

This was truly a special and unique baby shower!

Do you want to see the little dude's first photoshoot (aka newborn session;) )? Yes, please!

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