A Birthday in the Life of an 8 Year Old

It seemed so crazy to me that my oldest daughter was turning 8 years old! You've probably heard these phrases a thousand times before

 It seems like yesterday that my children were born.


Time flies by so fast

But it REALLY is true! I remember being pregnant with her and in the third trimester wanting her out, and after giving birth wishing she were still inside...I can't lie, I got better sleep when she was inside, Haha! ;) Nonetheless, her birthday week came and we got ready to celebrate...like she was turning 8...get it, it rhymes...yeah, I'm going to get to the pictures now...

We started off the day with a pancake breakfast and then got busy with the pampering! 

Then I took the birthday girl shopping for a birthday outfit! Aaand the littlest one stayed home with Daddy because neither of them do so great in clothing stores...you know how it goes running around in between the clothes racks and then crying when we've been there for awhile. I won't even go into how my youngest daughter acts in a clothing store! Hehe! Totally joking!!! My husband is actually quite a patient shopper, but moving along...


After some lunch, we all went to the nature park in Berkeley, CA and had a little birthday photo shoot. This birthday girl is a little ham, but it took her a little while to get warmed up. When she did, well you can see for yourself...

I love this kid!!!

And in our family, when big sister does something, little sister will be copying her shortly...

As a photographer I tend to have wonderful pictures of other people's family but not as much of my own, so I took advantage of the opportunity and had my husband jump in some too!

As you can see, my youngest doesn't always cooperate during photo shoots. (If you want to see another shoot where she and my husband made some interestingly entertaining faces, you can check that out here)

I HAD to get in some because I'm always behind the camera! So I set up the shots and used my handsome human tripod to snap them for me! 

My littlest pumpkin wasn't really liking the idea of not being held by Daddy at this moment, so we changed scenery...

And I'm glad we did because we caught these! (Tickles work great to get her to smile!) ;)

We went to dinner and had some cake to end the day with a yummy bang and my 8 year old birthday girl went to bed another year older!

The next weekend her grandpa came for a birthday visit to extend her birthday week just a little bit longer. We went to the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco, CA, which is an AMAZING place for kids to learn and have fun! Here's some of the things they got to do...

Making clay animations and riding the carousel were a big hit!

Birthday girl spent most of her time programming the robot to go through the maze with the iPad there. Of course Daddy was excited to help with that one! 

Later they did the Mystery Box Challenge that gave them random items and a problem to solve with them. Birthday girl's problem to solve was that there was a chocolate community who were in risk of melting from the sun and she had to create a way to save them from melting with the items in her box. Whew, creativity is hard work!

I'm running the risk of making this a super long blog post, but bear with me it's almost done!

One last thing my birthday girl wanted to do was cut her extremely long hair and donate it to Wigs for Kids. She had a friend in SoCal who was diagnosed with cancer several years back and decided she wanted to make a difference for another child. When researching in a group on Facebook about hair donations, Tania Kelley, a local hair stylist at LeJardin in Pleasant Hill, CA, offered to pay it forward and cut her hair for her donation. 

 She was able to donate 17 inches of hair to Wigs for Kids! I am one proud mama!

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