Planning Your Wedding Timeline

Planning your wedding timeline is a very important detail you definitely want to give attention to. Even if you have a wedding planner, you need to be sure to communicate everything you want included in your big day so that your wedding planner can make sure every minute of your wedding day is accounted for. 

Not working with a wedding planner? That's ok too, effectively planning your wedding day timeline can be accomplished on your own too! I want to help you with this so I am giving you a FREE gift of a Sample Wedding timeline to help get you started. Here is the PRINTABLE version.

I am happy to help the couples I work with on creating a Wedding Day Timeline that will be unique to their specific day with all the highlights they want included or work closely with their wedding planner to ensure there is adequate time for their portraits. If you need additional assistance on planning your Wedding Day Timeline, definitely reach out to your wedding photographer!

Wedding Timeline Planning Considerations

A few things to consider when planning your Wedding Day Timeline are things like having a First Look or not (you can read more about First Looks on my post To Look or Not to Look...First Looks), how many people will be included in your family portraits, how big your bridal party is, if there are unique highlight events during your ceremony or reception that could require extra time, and travel time if your wedding is at more than one location (for example if your ceremony and reception are at two different locations or if you're getting ready at a different location other than your venue). 

Hopefully this is helpful to you and I wish you all the best for your wedding day and your marriage! If you're getting married in the San Francisco Bay Area and still looking for a photographer, let me know! I'd love to meet with you or have a video or phone chat about your wedding!

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