Frequently Asked Wedding Photography Questions

Choosing a wedding photographer is a personal decision and often there are many questions brides and grooms have when they're selecting their wedding photographer or even once they've chosen one. Here are some frequently asked questions I get from couples with my detailed answers to them.

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What kind of style do you have?

My primary style blends together a documentary style and classic style. For the majority of the wedding, I take a documentary, or photojournalistic, approach because my goal is to tell the story of your wedding day, capturing it as it unfolds. During the posed formal portraits for your family and husband and wife portraits, I have a classic approach guiding everyone involved to be able to capture an artistic posed portrait that will stand the test of time. During the husband and wife portraits, it’s less posed and more illustrative, which allows me to set the stage, so to speak, and then lets you two organically interact as I capture the love between you. These are often the images that couples choose to order enlarged canvas or framed prints of and hang in their home.

My editing style is vivid, clear and crisp. You find that my images tend to have a high contrast to draw your attention to the subject of the image and make the image as a whole pop.


How long have you been photographing weddings?

I started photographing weddings in 2014 when I lived in Southern California. When I moved to the San Francisco East Bay Area in 2015 I was planning to focus solely on portrait photography, but I just couldn’t resist my love and passion for photographing weddings and providing a great personal experience for each couple I work with, so I began photographing weddings once again in 2016 and onward!


How many weddings will you photograph per weekend?

I will only photograph one wedding per weekend. I am also a wife and mother and have learned how to make sure I can keep a healthy balance with my personal and professional life, ensuring that I am fully present in my family life and still be able to provide the highest level and most personable service to the couples I work with. Photographing weddings can be very physically taxing and if I photographed multiple weddings in one weekend, I wouldn’t be able to provide my services to the highest standard every time, so I’d rather only photograph one wedding per weekend so I can be fresh and ready on your big day!


Do you use a full frame/format camera?

I do! I am a Nikon gal and I use a full frame camera and lenses. I also have a backup camera that I’ll occasionally dual shoot with, but it is mainly there to be a backup so I can ensure that no matter what Murphy’s Law throws my way, I’m ready!


Do you use lighting equipment or are you a natural light photographer?

I have experience with both and I use both. Generally, I will shoot natural light, especially during the ceremony so that I don’t take away from the moment with flashes of light, but sometimes during posed portraits and often during the reception, I will use lighting equipment when necessary to ensure I can capture your memories no matter what the lighting environment is.


Do you have insurance and can you provide my venue with a certificate of coverage?

Yes and yes! While I don’t anticipate any problems ever occurring, I stay legal and safe and carry business, liability, and equipment insurance and can provide your venue with a certificate of insurance if your venue requires one from your vendors.


Will you help me plan my wedding day timeline?

Absolutely! I will help you plan out every minute of your wedding day timeline to help your wedding day run as smoothly as possible! Even if you’ve hired a wedding planner, I will coordinate and work closely with your planner to ensure your wedding day timeline has the adequate time allotted for me to capture all the images you want and expect.


If my wedding lasts longer than scheduled, will you stay longer? Is there an extra charge?

If for some reason, your wedding falls behind schedule and you would like me to stay longer, I am happy to do so. As much as I would love to say I can stay without any additional charge, I do have an hourly rate that will need to be paid if you decide you’d like me to stay longer. In order to prevent this type of situation, I do discuss as much of your wedding details and plans as possible with you before booking so that we can ensure you book enough coverage time, but rest assured that I won’t leave you high and dry on your wedding day.


How long after my wedding will I be able to see my pictures? Do you do a social media preview?

I do offer to post some sneak peak images from your wedding on social media within a couple days of your wedding, but I don’t have to if you’d rather wait until all your final images are ready. Typically, I will have all the final edited digital images ready for you on a USB flash drive within 6-8 weeks after your wedding date. If you have chosen the Cherish or Create Package, you’ll also get to select which images you’d like to fill the products included in your package when we meet for your final image reveal.


How many pictures will we receive?

The specific amount of final edited digital images you receive will depend on your unique wedding. Things like the amount of coverage time, the extensiveness of your wedding details, and how many highlight events you have planned will all determine the number of final edited images; but typically you can expect to receive around 500-700 images for 8 hours of coverage.


What format will my digital images be in?

All the final edited digital images that you receive on a USB flash drive will come in a high resolution JPEG format. Sometimes different Bridal magazines will tell you to ask your wedding photographer for the raw images. I’m not sure if they mean in raw format or unedited images, but neither of those would be beneficial to you since the raw format requires the proper editing software to open on a computer and your personal use license does not permit you to edit or alter the images. Also, unedited images are, well…unedited. Neither of these raw or unedited formats are images you would want to print from and I would never disrespect you by giving you unfinished work. You can rest assured that all the digital images you receive from me are high quality and up to my professional standard!


What kind of copyright license will I receive for using my digital images?

When you receive your final edited digital images on a USB flash drive, you will also receive a digital copy of a personal use license. This license grants you permission to print and use the digital images for your personal use. You won’t be permitted to use them for commercial use or to enter them into any contests, but you can make unlimited prints and share them on social media as much as you like!


Do you outsource your editing?

No, I will personally edit every single image from your wedding. Some photographers outsource their editing because editing can be very time consuming and a way to increase profit is to outsource. However, I prefer to limit the number of weddings I book so that I can edit to the standard of quality and consistency seen in my portfolio.


Why are you worth the amount you are charging?

Only you can truly decide if what I offer is worth the amount I charge, but when I look at it from my perspective as a wedding photographer, I know that I limit the number of weddings I take so that I can ensure I give each and every couple the time and attention they deserve. I also personally edit all the wedding images because I want to make sure every image meets my high standard of quality, and to be honest I really enjoy reliving the fun of each wedding day I capture as I edit the images. Overall, I do feel that the service and quality I provide are worth every penny because I am very invested into each couple and their wedding as if my clients were my best friends. By the end of a wedding experience, most of my clients become my friends!


Do you have a list of recommended vendors?

Yes, I do! As a photographer I get the chance to work with some great wedding vendors and when I’ve witnessed them do a great job in their field, I add them to my list. Some venues have preferred vendor lists based on who pays them, but I am a firm believer in recommending with integrity, which is why I won’t send you to someone that I haven’t personally worked with or witnessed their quality of service or product. If you would like any recommendations, please let me know and I’d be happy to send you some!


If I have more questions or need to talk to you about my wedding, how do I contact you?

The quickest way to contact me would be by phone, either call or text, or you can always email me. As it gets closer to your wedding date, I’m sure we’ll have each other on speed dial but rest assured we will be in regular communication leading up to your big day!


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