Engagement Session Style Guide

Your Engagement Session should show off your style and personality as a couple and your attire plays a huge part in that! You want clothing and accessories that reflect that style as well as something you feel great in. Here are 10 style tips to help you plan your Engagement Session and I've also included some visual guides at the end!

10 Engagement Session Style Tips

1. Choose clothing and accessories that you feel confident and yourself in. 


This is especially important because you want to be comfortable during your session and free to interact with your fiancé without the distraction and hindrance of uncomfortable clothes. You also want to feel confident in these clothes, so if it doesn't fit well, choose something else! Make sure you sit, stand, bend, heck do jumping jacks in the outfit you're considering wearing for your engagement session to make sure it is comfortable! 

2. Choose outfits that blend well together and that coordinate the style, color, and level of formality.

You definitely don't want to be in your little black dress while your fiancé is wearing a t-shirt or you wearing a casual outfit of jeans and sweater with boots and a scarf while your fiancé is wearing a suit. While this may seem obvious to some, it may not be as easy to notice, especially if you pick out your outfit and tell your fiancé to pick his own. (Brides, definitely choose your outfit first, and then give your fella help by picking his out for him. It saves a lot of frustration on both sides and you'll ensure your outfits blend well together.

3. Choose clothing that fits well and compliments your figure.

Brides, we all have different figures and we all know what styles fit well for us. I personally have always been rather pear shaped, even before having children, and I personally pick clothing that accentuates the good stuff and hides the stuff I don't particularly want seen. That's the beauty of clothing, you get to pick and choose exactly what will compliment your body the best!

With that being said, it is generally better to wear clothing that is more form fitting (not necessarily tight though!) versus tunic style or free flowing, especially around waistlines and limbs.

4. Stay away from logos and being too matchy.

Simple really does go a long way! Don't wear clothing with logos or the exact same color shirt because we don't want you two looking like walking Ads or strange twins and ultimately we want the attention on you two, not just your clothes!

5. Bring more than one outfit to your session.

Feel free to bring a couple outfits with you! Most couples choose to bring one casual outfit and one formal outfit, but this really does depend on your unique style. If formal just isn't you two as a couple at all, then don't even go there, just stick to your personal style. 

6. Work with layering.

Layering works great to provide different combinations without an entire wardrobe change. This can work well for session locations where there aren't any places to completely change outfits. You can easily change your outfit look by wearing a cami tank under and changing shirts and by playing around with different layering combinations with scarves, sweaters, and jackets.


7. Don't forget about the details!!!

Things like nails, jewelry, and shoes can make a big difference in the outcome of your engagement pictures! Manicures, polished shoes, and nice earrings make for a big, yet subtle impact!

8. Bride, consider a makeup trial run.

This could be a great opportunity to do your wedding makeup trial run with your makeup artist! Even if it's not your trial run, getting your makeup professionally done can give you a polished glamour look that will go well regardless of formal or casual attire. Be sure to let your makeup artist know your desired makeup style so they can create a look that not only compliments your facial features, but still looks like the you all your family and friends know!

9. No hair salon trips or tanning right before your session!

Do not under any circumstances get a fresh haircut, hair color, or tan of any kind right before your session! This may seem like a good idea, but trust me, it is best to wait! (You definitely don't want to look like Anne Hathaway or Kate Hudson in Bride Wars with their sabotaged tan and hair dye!)

10. Don't Stress!

Don't worry, be happy! Engagement sessions should be a fun and great experience for you two! You may even want to take advantage and plan a date for after your session and enjoy celebrating your engagement! 

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