Details Create the BIG PICTURE!

When planning your wedding day, your checklist will undoubtedly have the big details, such as your dress, shoes, venue, cake, etc., but it's often the small details that really tell the big picture and can be so easily forgotten about. Giving attention to the finest of details is a way to make your wedding unique and create highlights that reflect you two as a couple. Details also help tell the story of your wedding day in the photographs captured by your wedding photographer.

When selecting details for your wedding, try to choose items that reflect your individual personalities as well as your overall style as a couple. When you plan out these details, think about your ceremony, the cocktail hour, and reception separately in order to do a mental walkthrough and see where those fine details can play a part in your overall day. Do all those details flow together like a story that tells of you two and your love for one another? If so, you're on the right track!

Here are some details you won't want to forget...


Signs are a great, creative way to guide and/or inform your guests. Some signs you may want to include are directing them to the restroom, where your ceremony and reception locations are if they're spread out at a venue, Unplugged Wedding sign, a Choose a Seat Not a Side sign, or a Photo Booth sign (that is if you're going to have a photo booth).

Aisle Ribbon

Aisle Ribbon Image Source:  Brad Austin Imaginative Florals

Attaching ribbon to the inside of each chair along the aisle can create a beautiful , yet clear boundary for your guests to not cross. If you're not having an Unplugged Wedding, I would definitely recommend doing this to help keep your guests out of the aisle and keep the view clear for your wedding photographer to capture everything.


Wedding Programs

This is a great way to share information about the flow of your ceremony and who is a part of your wedding party, as well as a keepsake. On a hot summer day, fans are a great option to help cool your guests.

Guest Seating Cards

By planning out the guest seating at the reception ahead of time you can ensure your close relatives get the seats you want for them. It can also prevent any issues with certain people sitting together who may not be very fond of one another. Having either seating cards or some way of letting guests know which table and seat has been reserved and prepared for them makes the start of the reception flow smoothly and gives guests that extra feeling of happiness that you planned for their attendance.

Guest Book

This doesn't actually have to be a literal book either, it's really just a way to remember who was present on your wedding day to celebrate with you. This can be done as a book, a picture frame matting that guests sign, using Polaroids for guests to take a picture and write a little something on it to you, a scrapbook that guests can write in and post a photo from the photo both next to their message...the possibilities are endless and can be as creative and unique as you'd like!

Personalized Favors & Gifts

The favors your guests receive are a great way to get creative and allow your guests to remember the day by. Favors often vary from items to edibles and all in between and the cool part is it's completely up to you two to decide what you're going to give! Some ideas are etched mugs, monogramed M&Ms, etched glass candle holders and candles, mints in a personalized tin, personalized match boxes, and the creative list goes on and on!

Don't forget about gifts for your bridal party! These are often personalized to the individual members of your bridal party, with either a name or initials, and sometimes includes the roll they are playing in your wedding and your wedding date. Some ideas for these are money clips, flasks, key chains, bracelets, jewelry boxes, tote bags, etc.

ImageSource: Krystal Craven Photography
Image Source: Krystal Craven Photography

Cake/Dessert Table

The table you have set aside for your wedding cake or desserts not only displays the edible masterpiece but creates a space for cutting your cake. This will be photographed itself and during the cake cutting so every detail matters here too! Your florist can provide help with this as well if you want to adorn the table with flowers that work with your wedding theme.

KCP Wedding Cake Image
KCP Wedding Cupcakes Image

Bride and Groom Sweetheart Table

In the process of getting all your guest tables ready, don't forget about your sweetheart table! While you won't spend much time actually sitting at it, there will be pictures taken at it and it's where a lot of your guest will take their pictures of you two at the reception so you want to make sure it's decorated to stand out, yet still blend with the overall theme of your wedding.


Aside from selecting a beautiful centerpiece that your guests will enjoy as they sit and eat at their tables, you want to ensure it doesn't block your guests' view of one another or the highlight events during your reception. There are so many options for centerpieces to choose from and create, that you'll definitely want to have your overall wedding theme selected first and then create your centerpieces to fit with that theme. Here are some examples to get those creative juices flowing...


So this list in not exhaustive of all the wedding details you'll want to make sure you give attention to, but hopefully it helps with your wedding planning!

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