Picking Out Your Wedding Shoes

What to clothe your feet with on your wedding day may or may not be high on your list of wedding planning, but you'll definitely need to find the perfect shoes at some point.

Things to Consider

Your Comfort

Comfort is going to be #1 and key when selecting your wedding shoes. You're going to be on your feet the majority of your wedding day from the moment you get into your wedding dress so you want to ensure your shoes won't be hurting your feet at any point during your special day! Definitely take your time when selecting your wedding shoes and walk around the shoe store for as long as you need to in order to ensure they're comfortable for your feet.

Your Venue

This may seem kind of strange to consider your venue when selecting your wedding shoes, but hear me out. If your venue has a grass area that you will be having the ceremony on, you won't want to wear heels since they will stick in the grass. Flats or a wedge heel would work better for walking on grass. If you're getting married on the beach, well...that one is a bit obvious, you're most likely going to want a sandal, flip flop, or possibly a barefoot sandal. Regardless, you want to consider your wedding day "terrain" when selecting wedding shoes.

Your Dress

The length and formality of your dress is definitely a consideration that you'll want to ensure blends well with your wedding shoes. Whether you plan on getting your dress altered or not, you want to make sure your dress and shoes compliment each other. If your dress has intricate bead work, you may consider getting shoes that have some bead work woven into them. This can go for any materials, rhinestones, lace, etc.

Your Personality

You may be thinking I'm crazy at this point, kinda like "what in the world does my personality have to do with my wedding shoes??" but think about it...do you really want your wedding day, one of the most special days of your life, to be a day you experiment with shoes that you normally wouldn't wear? If your personality is totally chill and you normally wear flats, do you really want to give heels a try and hope they don't hurt or drive you mad by the end of your wedding. Not to mention you certainly don't want to have sore, blistered feet on your wedding night!

Your Quantity

These bridal flats are by  Aruna Seth  and the flip flops are by  Cathy's Concepts  .

These bridal flats are by Aruna Seth and the flip flops are by Cathy's Concepts.

You may consider getting two pairs of shoes for your wedding day as well. One pair for the ceremony and one pair for the reception. If you do decide to go this route, remember to consider your heel height if you're not going with flats for both pairs. You want to make sure that each pair you select will go well with your wedding dress. You very well don't want to wear high heels for the ceremony and then flats for the reception if your dress will be dragging all night! Not to mention the reverse...a now high water dress at the reception will seem a bit odd when it was floor length at the ceremony. ;)

Your Budget

Lastly, we cannot forget about that pesky budget! If you're fortunate enough to not have to worry about a budget for your wedding, every bride officially is jealous of you!!! Haha! No but seriously, if you have a budget that you need to stick to, make sure that you're starting your search for wedding shoes at stores that will be within your budget. It would seriously be heartbreaking to find the perfect shoes and then look at the price tag and realize they're waaaay over your budget for shoes...or worse, you have to rearrange your wedding budget and forgo something else because you just have to have those shoes! Ignorance truly is bliss and if you go in only to stores you know you can afford, you'll be blissfully ignorant of any other shoe you may have fallen in love with that would blow the budget. ;)

Shoe Styles

These are some styles you may want to consider as you search for your perfect wedding day shoe or shoes! ;)


I definitely recommend checking how much height you would like to have based on where your wedding dress will hang when you're wearing heels. You can always get your wedding dress altered to fit your shoes, but it may be easier for you to get shoes that fit your dress.

You can find the following pictured pump, strappy, and wedge heels at David's Bridal.

Pump Heel

Strappy Heel

Wedge Heel


If your dress won't quite look right with heels, if flats are more comfortable for you, or maybe you're not used to wearing heels and you're afraid of falling while walking down the aisle (this may have just been my fear when I got married which is why I didn't choose to wear heels)...anywho, if flats are your jam, here are some ideas for popular flat styles.

You can also find the following pictured ballet, sandal, and flip flop flats at David's Bridal

Ballet Flat

Flat Sandal

Flip Flop

Shoe Alternatives

Barefoot Sandals

If you're having a beach or bohemian wedding or you just prefer to not wear shoes, these barefoot sandals can be a great shoe alternative that still give your tootsies some attention.

You can find these specific barefoot sandals at the Etsy Shop of ElvishThings:

KCP Wedding Day Shoes Pinterest Image

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