A Sweet Sixteen Party...To Die For!

It all started when the invitations were sent out. The mob bosses, their dames, the sheriff, and many other notable people from Atlantic City, New York, and Chicago came together to establish The Commission at the Atlantic City Conference (and celebrate Miss Lydia's birthday, of course!).

Lydia played the part of Margie, the First Miss America, and so naturally we HAD to capture her grace and beauty after she had gotten dressed in her glad rags. She was dressed to perfection and every detail complimented her so well!

Lydia is truly a stunning young woman and looked beautiful dressed as a 1920s Miss America!


Every detail of the "Karlton Ritz Hotel on the Boardwalk" was set and ready for the Atlantic City Conference to begin!

When the time for the party to start came, guests began to arrive and tension between the Mobsters of the biggest families was building in the air as they received their round 1 instruction cards with clues, things to ask other characters, and things to conceal!

Dun, dun, dun!

There was a full (non-alcoholic) bar of specialty drinks that Mob Boss Nuggy Jones' bar tender served up in high fashion!

A professional dance teacher, Nathan Dias, who specializes in Charleston and Lindy Hop, came with his dance partner to instruct everyone on the 1920s dance moves.

Dinner was served and another round of clues handed out. So while everyone ate and kept a watchful eye, they mingled to get the scoop on who was making enemies.

Noam Eisen, a wonderful musical entertainer graced the evening with his piano playing and singing and the lovely Miss Margie and Miss Joann joined in the singing (very beautifully, I might add!).

Turns out that Miss Joann shares the exact same birthday as Miss Margie, so we all gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to them.

It was just after Happy Birthday was sung that we heard it....BAM BAM! The sound of gunshots! All went running to the bottom of the staircase to see what was going on and that's when we saw it...Johnny Torrion got his comeuppance!

And Mickey The Fish was holding the murder weapon and standing over Johnny's body!!! (gasp!)

When your wife

seizes the moment that your character gets bumped off... ;)

The hotel was on lockdown as our copper, Sheriff George, did his investigation and found several different prints on the murder weapon. We all gathered in the ballroom to discuss the motives of those whose fingerprints were on the murder weapon.  

After getting the third and final found of clue cards, we said our final accusations, cast our votes, and the Sheriff's daughter finally admits she pulled the trigger as revenge for the death of her uncle at the hands of Johnny Torrion!

The End...

Happy 16th Birthday, Lydia!


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