Amy & Kyle's Wedding

If you remember from their Engagement Session post, these two met online and after taking time to grow closer to God, were brought back together. They have now become Husband and Wife! Married in a beautiful woodsy atmosphere at Pena Adobe Park in Vacaville, California, they said their vows in the midst of family and friends with the golden sunlight peering through the trees. Their reception followed at a private residence and had a mix of rustic and vintage décor, with a soft touch of candle light and floral arrangements.

The Details


Getting Ready

- Bride Prep -

Surrounded by amazing friends and family, Amy had all the help she needed getting ready! Kyle's mom is very gifted in sewing and not only tailored her dress to fit like a glove, but she also made the beautiful lace sleeved cover!

Getting Ready

- groom prep -

©2017KrystalCraven - groom-prep-close-up

The Ceremony

Their ceremony was set up in the midst of the woodsy nature of Pena Adobe Park. The sunlight shone through and made for a beautiful golden glow that gently kissed their backs as they became husband and wife.

With it being a summer wedding, the fans not only served as a beautiful accent color but in a practical way to keep their guests cooler.

Oh how I wish I could insert a video clip of the start of their ceremony! It began with the entrance of Kyle, Pastor Timothy, and Kyle's father/best the Imperial March! It really was the best. entrance. ever.

The processional

Here Comes the Bride

The vows, unity sand, and rings

The kiss

©2017KrystalCraven - wedding-bride-and-groom-first-kiss

Introduced for the first time as...Mr. & Mrs. Raley!

©2017KrystalCraven - wedding-recessional-bride-and-groom

Posed Portraits


The Reception

Their reception was held at a private residence in Dixon, California. The backyard was transformed into a reception venue that was decorated with a rustic and vintage décor. As the sun continued to set, the stringed lights and candles on the tables and in the pool gave such a soft glow which set the mood perfectly!

The dances

The Toasts

The cake


The celebration continues by soft string and candle light...


Congratulations, Amy & Kyle!


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