Ideas of Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something old represents continuity

Something new represents optimism for the future

Something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness

Something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity

On her wedding day, Kate Middleton wore

something old – Carrickmacross lace

something new – a pair of Robinson Pelham made diamond earrings that her parents had made for her

something borrowed – a Catier diamond tiara that belonged to the Queen Mother

something blue – a ribbon sewn into her dress

Now, since we don’t all have access to borrow the Queen Mother’s diamond tiara and trying to find the perfect something for these categories can be kind of stressful, here are some ideas that I hope are helpful!

Something Old:

  • A family heirloom is perfect for this! A piece of your grandmother’s jewelry or a hair comb would be perfect! You could also ask your future Mother-in-law if you could use something of your fiancés grandmother.
  • You can have grandmother’s old beautiful broach turned into a stunning hair piece.
  • There are bouquet photo charms that you can put old photos of loved ones no longer with you and attach them to your bridal bouquet.
  • You can have an old button of your dad or grandfather’s shirt sewn into the under lining of your dress.

Something New:

  • Generally, this is the bride’s dress and/or the rings, but you can always splurge a little more and get some fancy lingerie that your husband will enjoy later on your wedding night.
  • Jewelry, shoes, lipstick…really, anything goes for this category and this is your day so indulge in a little something new!

Something Borrowed:

  • You can borrow jewelry from a family member or friend, maybe even wear the earrings your mother wore on her wedding day.
  • A veil is often pretty timeless and a perfect thing to borrow!
  • Is there an amazing colored nail polish your friend owns that you’ve always liked? Borrow it and have your local nail salon use that color when you get your wedding day pedicure done!
  • Wedding clutches can get expensive and you really only use them one day, why not ask a friend to borrow hers and check something borrowed off your list!


Something Blue:

  • Get creative! One of the most unique ideas I’ve seen is getting your wedding date stitched onto the underside hem of your wedding dress with blue thread.
  • You can go bold and wear blue shoes under your dress, it's a nice yet discreet pop of color!
  • A blue garter is easy and simple and you can find a style that fits your liking easily.
  • Blue nail polish! Hey if you borrow your friends blue nail polish, you’ve checked off two things at once!

Hopefully this helps you pick your old, new, borrowed, and blue items or at the very least, get your creative juices flowing to choose items that will be perfect for you!


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