Sarah & Riley's Engagement Session

These two met at church even though they didn't go to the same church... nonetheless, God brought these two together in His way. They dated for awhile, got to know one another, and they have one of the cutest (and quite entertaining) proposal stories I've ever heard!!!

Sarah was invited to join Riley and his family on their trip to Catalina Island. Up to this point, Sarah and Riley had talked about their future together and Riley had expressed that he wanted to wait until he could get more established before they would get married. Completely understandable, Sarah put the idea of getting married into the distant, but hopeful it wouldn't be a too distant, part of her mind, and just continued to enjoy their dating relationship. Now that they were on Catalina Island, Riley had planned a romantic adventure, complete with a drive up to a look out over the island where he would get down on one knee and propose.

Buuuuut, a monkey wrench got thrown into those plans and a drive was no longer possible. While Sarah was fine with a change of plans, Riley was still determined to get to the hilltop and propose so they opted for the bike option. Even after Sarah was done with the bike trek part way up the hill, he carried her the rest of the way! He got his girl up that hill to the gorgeous view, professed his love and desire to marry her, presented her with a beautiful ring, and she said YES!!! 

As a part of their journey in becoming Mr. & Mrs., we went out and did their Engagement Session. Since these two enjoy coffee dates and getting dressed up and going out, downtown was a great place to capture them as a couple and celebrate their engagement through pictures!

Who knew walking downtown could be so much fun?! ;)

So Riley figured out that sometimes I (the fun and slightly crazy wedding photographer) may say they're going to do a slow motion kiss, but I may or may not have already secretly told Sarah to not let him kiss her. ;)

Jump for joy on the count of three! ONE...TWO...THREE!!!!

I can't take credit for this awesome stunt, Riley started this one all on his own!

As the sun started to near more to setting, we worked our way towards a nearby park and broke out the cozy blanket. I forgot the term "Eskimo Kisses" and threw out "Nose Kisses" instead which yielded some great fun and laughs!

Just as the sun was saying goodbye by setting behind the hills, Riley scooped up his bride and our session was a wrap! :)

Congratulations on your engagement, Sarah & Riley! I am so very happy for you two and can't wait for your upcoming wedding!!!


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