A Day In The Life Of A Stay-At-Home Mom

Have you seen those memes about stay-at-home moms? Yes ones like this...

SAHM Farmville Meme.jpg

We've all seen them, maybe even chuckled at them, but it couldn't be any farther from the truth. Don't worry I'm not going to turn this into a "Why Stay-At-Home Moms Are So Important" or "Stay-At-Home Moms Are So Under Valued" kind of post. Soooo I'm going to show you what being a stay-at-home mom is like...you know, in real life.

Disclaimer: I woke up one day and decided to capture my day, so please forgive my makeup free face, hair that's doing what it pleases, and grungy workout clothes...I did not think this through, but it definitely shows reality so...yeeeaaah

Well, in the spirit of silliness and humor, here is my version of what "What people think I do as a stay-at-home mom"...

Is it bad that I wish what people think stay-at-home moms do could be my reality like, oh maybe once or twice a week? In reality, my roles as a stay-at-home mom, homeschool teacher, and business owner as well as taking care of the typical home chores like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc, keep me too busy to be chatting away, surfing the web, or watching TV.

Maybe retirement will look like those pictures?

This is what my day really looks like:

You probably looked at that first image and thought "waaaait a minute...." Yes, I do admit, I start my day off with some time reading my bible and having either some decaf coffee, decaf green tea with mint, or hot apple cider. This prepares me for the day and warms up my tummy. I may not caffeinate to be ready to face the day, but my time with Jesus while reading my bible sure does the trick!

I teach my older daughter her school lessons and my younger daughter almost without fail gets involved in one way or another. In between teaching lessons while my daughter works on the independent parts of her lessons, I find stuff to keep me busy...

...as does my younger daughter, LOL!

Since my younger daughter is so young and has the attention span similar to that of Dug on the movie "Up", I have taken a very relaxed and child-led approach to her pre-pre-K year. We attempt to do a letter, number, shape, and color a week to really dig into. She gets very excited about reading and writing but sometimes playing or "helping" me is a little more interesting than those ABCs and 123s.

And pretty often

house cleaning has to take a back seat when interrupted. ;)

Is it just me or do you like to get every. single. dish. in the house clean when doing dishes? I can get a bit neurotic and will often plan to not do dishes too soon after making a warm drink otherwise I feel the need to chug it so I can wash the mug. 

Both my girls have come to really enjoy our history lessons. They are pretty fun, I must admit!

All fun things

eventually come to an end...

...which for my younger daughter is when naptime approaches.

Buuuut, like most toddlers, when their parents think they're tired, they will of course do anything they can to prove they can stay awake.

In my experience though, sleep always wins.

I'll Love You Forever...

...as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be!


So while some days I do wish I could just do this...

It is much more rewarding to do this instead!

Props to all you moms out there! Whether you work outside the home or stay at home, I hope the rewarding time you get to spend with your children always puts a smile on your face! :)

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