May The Fourth Be With You!

If you remember from last year's May The Fourth Be With You Blog Post, my daughters got dressed up in their Star Wars costumes and we did a little photo shoot and they. LOVED. it! That was the first year we had done it but as April ticked by this year we decided we wanted to do it again. Sooo...we got out the Jedi costumes and got shootin! (After this year's shoot we decided we are officially making this a tradition and we should get more costumes. Aaand I may just get my hubby in on this one next year too, lol! We'll see...)

These two images are purely composite images. I photographed my girls individually on a green screen and the space image is composed of 8 different images and the lightsaber fight image is composed of 6 different images, plus the lightsaber effects! Yes, I went a bit crazy and loved every minute of it as I created these two final pieces of art for our family. Now I get to share them with you and other fellow Star Wars fans. :)

(If you want to see some of the separate images used to put these together, keep scrolling down)

Behind the scenes

Initially I was going to get out my whole studio setup but then decided to haphazardly hang the green screen from my living room curtains with back drop clips. I didn't bother ironing the cloth nor insuring it would fully reach the top because I only needed it to cover their bodies enough to provide a contrast to cut them out in Photoshop.

I set up my off camera flashes and we started with my youngest daughter. First we tried having her jump off the couch (from camera left) and into view as if she were jumping down to fight with her lightsaber. While a lot of fun, I quickly realized this was not going to yield a usable picture. So we got out a bar stool and step stool. This also proved quite challenging with the vision of leaping toward her opponent to fight. Sooo, Daddy came to the rescue and held her for some of the shots! I ended up having to use two different shots, one of her lower body and one of her upper body for the lightsaber fight image.

Daddy wasn't exactly expecting to jump in to this photoshoot and I wasn't exactly expecting to use these images as behind the scenes images on the he gets a Photoshop T-shirt! ;)

My oldest daughter has had plenty of practice being a photographer's child. I'm pretty sure it's those years of practice that allowed her to get down to business like a mini model because she gave me a smile and struck a confident pose with her lightsaber faster than I could say, "May The Fourth Be With You!" That's my little Jedi!

After the shoot was over came the hours of editing. I had to cutout each image from the background and arrange it on the new background. I did still have the May the Fourth Be With You title from last year that I had created so that saved some time, but overall this was definitely a passion project for me and I had a blast doing it!

Happy 4th of May and May The Fourth Be With You!

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