I provide portrait detail editing to every image you will receive. This includes every format such as digital images, prints, framed prints, and canvas prints.

What is the difference between a proof image and portrait detail editing℠?

A proof image will have minor edits, such as exposure adjustment, brightness and contrast adjustment, and is overall a high quality image. When I provide portrait detail editing, I fully edit all the details. This includes editing things such as teeth whitening, eye bag reduction, blemish correction, stray hair correction, removal of distracting objects in background, removal or lightening of moles, freckles, and birth marks, and any other artistic editing that will naturally enhance the image. All of the portrait detail editing corrections are optional and you, as my client, have full control to pick and choose which corrections you would like me to do.

Why do I offer Portrait Detail Editing?

It is not my intention to create false, commercial looking images. I offer portrait detail editing because as a woman, I know what it feels like to take a lot of time to get dressed up, do my hair and make up, get my family ready to take photographs and then be disappointed when I see the photos and realize I didn't quite cover my eye bags or blemishes with concealer as well as I thought, or put enough hairspray on my those wild little flyaways, or realize my husband had some lint on his shirt, or see that my daughter happened to have a small amount of glare in her glasses. It's those little details that can make or break what someone sees as a great photograph, especially when it is of themselves and their loved ones. 

When I provide portrait detail editing, I don't edit to get a plastic looking model, I edit to capture the beauty that I saw of you and your family and experienced during our session. I want you to cherish the images you order and hang on your walls and that you see as you look through your photo album, remembering the great experience you had and seeing your beauty and personality perfectly captured! 

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