- Why Have a Professional Portrait Session Done? -

Portrait Sessions with me are more like little event sessions that we plan for you to have a great experience and capture the memories from that experience. So why have a Professional Portrait Session Done? Because when you see those memories hanging on your wall, or look through them designed in a custom photo album, or hanging from your Christmas tree every year on an ornament, they bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling in your heart that is priceless. This is why it's worth doing!

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 - What's the Process of Booking a Session? -

  1. Contract & Retainer Fee - This step is super easy peasy because it's all done online! The contract is reviewed and electronically signed online and the retainer fee is paid online with either a credit card or ACH payment.

  2. Session Questionnaire - I email out a session questionnaire first based on the type of session you're booking, which you complete online. This allows me to get a full understanding of what you're looking to get out of your portrait session. Some people have an exact vision for what they want, others don't, and that's ok, as long as I know where you're coming from. This also helps me make recommendations on a session location. I don't just give you a list of locations to choose from and hope when you do the "innie minnie minny moe" thing, you pick a good one. I evaluate your session type, for example if you're coming to me for a family session, I will look at your session questionnaire designed to help me get a good idea of your family's personality as a whole, and give you location recommendations based on your unique family. I certainly don't want to select a location simply because it's "pretty", I want to ensure you have a perfect location that will fit you and your session like a glove!

  3. Voila! You're Officially Booked for Your Session! - As if like magic, that completes the booking process. Then we get down to the real fun stuff...planning the details of your session, the session itself, and getting to see all the amazing pictures!!! :)

- Will You Help Guide Me on What to Wear for the Session? -

Absolutely, my friend! That's the next part of the Portrait Session process! I send over a guide on what to wear and what to expect for the type of session you've booked so that you can be confident when you show up to our session. I've even had clients send me pictures of outfit options with different accessories and I help guide them leading up to the session on what to wear and bring. It really is a fun process!


- Are All Portrait Sessions Pretty Much the Same? -

While no two Portrait Session are the same, there are similarities to some of the them. For example, a family session with a family of four versus a family of six will be similar but not the same. Or a headshot session and a senior session will be similar but not the same. And newborn sessions are completely different from them all, especially studio sessions. This is why I approach each and every session as its own, unique session, serving my clients with my heart and soul as a person, and time and talent as a professional photographer. 

- How Long Does the Session Take -

Sessions usually take around 1-2 hours, depending on the type of session and how many people are involved. Newborn sessions generally take 3-4 hours so there is a calm and peaceful flow between nursing/bottle feeding, diaper changing, and the safe handling and photographing of your precious little one for each and every pose. Since each session really is unique though, I don't set a stop watch for our session. I don't want anyone stressing out over time, I just want everyone in the moment, enjoying the memories being made!

- How Soon After the Session Will I Get to See the Pictures? -

I know you'll be excited to see all the pictures right away, so I do put up some sneak peak pictures on my business social media accounts within 24 hours of our session (except for newborn sessions - I prefer to allow you, as the parents, the first opportunity to share those images). Then it will take around a couple weeks for me to get the images ready for a Reveal Session. A Reveal Session is where you get to come to my studio in Concord and see all the final images from our session revealed (I feel like it's a red carpet reveal because it's always so much fun to see the excitement and joy on my clients' faces as they see their pictures!). You'll get to select the 10 digital images that are included in the price of your session and have the opportunity to order any fine art products you'd like as well. Once you select your images, I'll place them into an online gallery for you to download them. So all in all, the wait isn't too long, right? ;)


- What all is Included & How Much Does a Session Cost? -

Portrait Sessions:

Portrait Sessions include full session planning, the session shoot, the reveal session (which I like to think of as the red carpet reveal for your portraits..it's so fun looking through them all!), 10 professionally edited high resolution digital images (your choice of which 10 images, of course!) with print release, and an online password protected gallery. The price for a regular portrait session is 500.

Newborn Sessions:

Newborn Session include full session planning, the session shoot, the reveal session (I would call it a "mini" red carpet reveal but there's no less images of your precious baby, just a lot of gushing over adorableness!), 10 professionally edited high resolution digital images (your choice of which 10 images, of course!) with print release, one digital birth announcement that you can use to print announcements or post on social media, and an online password protected gallery. The price for a newborn session is 600.

Headshot Sessions:

Headshot Sessions include session preparation for studio or outdoor sessions, the session shoot, the reveal session (where you get to view your amazing-ness !), 1 professionally edited high resolution digital image (your choice, of course!) with print release and use license, and an online password protected gallery. The price for headshot sessions are 275 for studio and 150 for outdoor.


- Are There Any Additional Fees? -

The short answer is no, but it is possible that some sessions may have additional costs involved. All the session locations that I recommend to you will be within the service area included in my pricing. If you have your heart set on a specific location that falls outside of my service area, I am happy to travel to reasonable distances, but a travel fee will be applied. If you decide you would like to order additional products at our Reveal Session then the additional costs will be whatever amount you decide to order, but there is never any obligation to order additional products.

- What Have Past Clients Had to Say? -

"I am beyond thrilled with the amazing session my family and I had with Krystal. I hate being in pictures, but she really made me feel at ease during the session, and was even miraculously able to get natural smiles out of my kids, my husband and I. She was so fun to work with and really knew how to get us into the perfect positions for the perfect shots. When I saw the finished work from the session, I was amazed with how the pictures came out, and I have received many compliments on the pictures. Overall, from beginning to end, it was a great experience!!" - Lena S.

"Krystal was very patient working with the little one and we received fantastic photos. Thank you Krystal" - Tammy W.

"We were very impressed with how wonderful our family pictures were. Krystal is a professional and very personable at the same time. We had so much fun during our session. We look forward to our next photo session with Krystal and happily refer Krystal to our friends and family for their pictures." - Tracy K.

"Krystal Craven is a great photographer. Very fun and professional. She is great with kids too! Her end product is top notch. We were very happy with the photographs that she took of our family." - Angela T.

"I absolutely loved having Krystal take my newborn photos. She is truly talented not only with the camera but also my baby. She puts so much passion behind every shot. I would highly recommend her photography service!" - Deanna L.

- I'd Like to Eventually Book a Session with You. How far in Advance Should I Contact You About Booking? -

Great! I can't wait to meet you and hear about the kind of session you have in mind! I do want to let you know upfront that to ensure that I can provide the highest quality and service to my clients while also maintaining a healthy balance of being a wife and mother, I do limit the number of weddings and sessions that I photograph per month. Also, because I want to ensure we have enough time to plan an awesome experience for your session without rushing to do it, we should try to have at least a month to prepare. For this reason, I do recommend that as soon as you know you would like me to be your photographer, go ahead and fill out this form to let me know you're interested. We can iron out the deets from there even if it's a little bit into the future. ;)